What's the difference between an air fryer and a traditional oven?

You don't need to use cooking oil to cook food in the air fryer. Food cooked in the air fryer is less greasy and very healthy.

The fried food is very crispy and fragrant.

The air fryer cooks fast, consumes significantly less time than the traditional oven, consumes less space, saves electricity, and is very, very healthy.

The air fryer has a non-stick coating that can be cleaned easily.

Traditional ovens are heated up and down tubes, making it difficult to clean food scraps after cooking.

Cleaning needs a lot of water, it is very greasy and difficult to clean.

Cleaning a traditional oven is a torture!

The air fryer is very light, can be moved easily, and does not take up much space.

Traditional ovens, on the other hand, are very large, hard to move, and they get so hot during frying that you can burn your hands by touching them.

Traditional oven moves hard, take up a position big, lampblack is difficult to deal with, greasy and unhealthy.

The same ingredients in the air fryer have a completely different feel than the food in the traditional oven. The air fryer will make you feel more comfortable to eat, healthy and not greasy.

The air fryer can be used to make many kinds of food easily

1, with air frying pan roast chicken wings, chicken wings will be crispy meat tender, wrapped in flour Fried taste is also very good.

The production process is very simple. After the raw chicken wings are marinated, they are directly put into the air fryer.

2. Fried chicken nuggets. They're delicious.

3, roast ribs, roast rabbit legs, wrapped with tin foil.Quickly done, it tastes great.Fried sausage, taste much better than the oven.

4. You can easily make a pizza

The air fryer can make a variety of ingredients work for you

Staple food: Fried bread sticks, steamed bread slices, spring rolls, balls, pizza, etc

Leisure category: potato chips, peanuts, cakes, egg tart, bread and so on

Vegetables and fruits: corn, purple sweet potato, bean curd, etc

Meat: spareribs, beef and lamb chops, chicken legs, chicken wings, chicken rice flower, etc

Seafood: hairtail fish, squid, prawns and so on